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        KMUTT 3.0 is a framework of future graduates focusing on competence development for the new era. Proposed to stimulate discussion and university-wide self-evaluation on learning quality and the values that need to be created and installed in the graduates of tomorrow, the 3.0 initiative has been translated into enormous efforts from policy, process, and organisational management and basically ‘everyone’ to allow for harmonised structures, processes and policies flexible enough to recognise and support such a transformation. Viewed as the 3 core axes toward KMUTT 3.0, People (P), Experience (X) and Support (S) provide a connected triangle frame to guide the way for a revolutionary lead into the 3.0 era. Acting both as a rough guideline and framework for areas of actions required, the 3 axes help KMUTT focus on areas of activities that matter most for the long term success, encompassing as much flexibility as possible.


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